Last Update :7/1/2018

Men's Club Match Play

Here are the results up to the final round. Men's Club Match Play Finals will be posted in about 2 weeks when all ,matches are completed.



Championship Flight


First Round

1  Dave Stokes defeated 8 Sean Tudor

4  Trini Madrigal defeated 5 Jason Eberle

2  Andrew Schutt defeated 7 Greg Gustafson

3  Nate Espinoza defeated 7 Jose Contreras


Second Round

Trini Madrigal defeated Dave Stokes

Andrew Schutt defeated Nate Espinoza


First Flight

First Round

1  Jon Bright defeated 16  Tye Barrett                                                    

9  Don Johnson  defeated 8 Jim Gauley

4  Larry O'Brien defeated 13 Mike Nichols

5  Miguel Puente defeated 12  Dick Poteet

2  Ryan Savage defeated 15 Tom Diener

10  Doug Rowell defeated 7  Eddie Joe Risk

14  Jeremy Stegeman defeated 3 Derek Pemberton

 5  Dave Wilson defeated 11 Greg Smith


Second Round

Don Johnson defeated Jon Bright

Miguel Puente defeated Larry O'Brien

Ryan Savage defeated Doug Rowell

Dave Wilson defeated Jeremy Stegeman


Third Round

Don Johnson defeated Miguel Puente

Dave Wilson defeated Ryan Savage


Second Flight

First Round

16 AJ Cisneros defeated 1 Alan Sandlin

9 Don Cardenas defeated 8 Israel Cortez

13 Armando Morales defeated 4 Doug Veach

12 Glenn Bramen defeated Miles Plata

15 Jim Holt defeated 2 Brian Bliesner

10 Randy Boast defeated 7 William Combs

3 Gene McIntire defeated 14 Terry Ostrander

6 John O'Leary defeated 11 Bob Lambert


Second Round

AJ Cisneros defeated Don Cardenas

Armando Morales defeated Glenn Bramen

Randy Boast defeated Jim Holt

Gene McIntire defeated John O'Leary


Third Round

AJ Cisneros defeated Armando Morales

Gene McIntire defeated Randy Boast


Third Flight

First Round

16 Eli Gonzalez defeated 1 Keith Sattler

9 Leo Kirk defeated 8 Brad Murray

13 Joel Pulido defeated 4 Don Brotherton

12 Keith Ward defeated 5 Henry Sparks

2 Troy Monholland defeated 15 Phil Winterholler

10 Dean Benson defeated 7 Dennis Petrea

14 Trey Greene defeated 3 Tim Grow

11 Chris Hollmeyer defeated 6 Steve Carpenter


Second Round

Leo Kirk defeated Eli Gonzalez

Joel Pulido defeated Keith Ward

Troy Monholland defeated Dean Benson

Chris Hollmeyer defeated Trey Greene


Third Round

Leo Kirk defeated Joel Pulido

Troy Monholland defeated Chris Hollmeyer


Fourth Flight

First Round

16 Jim castle defeated 1 Jim chambers

9 Max Wickham defeated 8 Armando Garcia

13 Dennis Pleasant defeated 4 Scott Ferguson

5 Tom Leighty defeated 12 Chuck Stegeman

2 "Big O" Octavio Rodriguez defeated 15 Mike Weedam

10 Bob Hicks defeated 7 Mark Drollinger

14 Les Schreiber defeated 3 Stan Davis

6 Nolan Murray defeated 11 Loren King


Second Round

Jim Castle defeated Max Wickham

Dennis Pleasant defeated Tom Leighty

Bob Hicks defeated Big O Rodriguez

Nolan Murray defeated Les Schreiber


Third Round

Dennis Pleasant defeated Jim Castle

Bob Hicks defeated Nolan Murray


Fifth Flight

First Round

1 Fred Boboth bye

9 Jim Hendrickson defeated 8 Ron Harper

4 Blake Dickinson defeated 13 John Fleming

12 Doug Hall defeated 6 Cliff Lewis

2 Lee Martin defeated 15 Larry Tyacke

10 Tom Denchel defeated 7 Marv Bonny

3 Rich Wakeland defeated 14 Fred Holland

11 Doug Schreiber defeated 6 Pat Concienne


Second Round

Jim Hendrickson defeated Fred Boboth

Blake Dickinson defeated Doug Hall

Lee Martin defeated Tom Denchel

Doug Schreiber defeated Rich Wakeland


Third Round

Blake Dickinson defeated Jim Hendrickson

Doug Schreiber defeated Lee Martin

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